LLC Priangarue Timber Mill (Priangarue TM) is looking for investors to participate in a production of high added-value goods. We are happy to offer you two investment alternatives:

- Production of wood trim

It is expected to launch production of various wood moldings made of low grade sawn timber such as platbands, plinths, lining boards, log imitation, floorboards etc. on the basis of existing production line.

The start of sales is scheduled for 2014.

- Production of charcoal and briquettes

Both charcoal and briquettes are ecologically pure fuel made of sawdust and spill with no chemicals inside. Briquettes are widely used in boiler firing in European countries, and charcoal is used in household and metallurgy.

The start of sales is scheduled for 2016.

We would be happy to provide investors with the detailed business plans and feasibility study documents on the above.

Priangarue TM is open to discuss any investment opportunity related to the processing of low grade timber and waste products such as wood chips and sawdust.